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The Road to Spanish Nationality

Obtaining spanish nationality with the help of lawyers

Norman Smith’s Story

Whether to apply for Spanish nationality after 10 years of residency has always been a topic of question. How do I apply? What are the benefits of becoming a Spanish national?

Many expats consider renouncing their nationality for that of the Spanish one, and since Brexit, it has become even more popular for British nationals. This includes Norman, and even though it was not an entirely easy decision, for personal reasons Norman decided to take the leap.

Norman has been living in Spain for almost 20 years working as an English teacher and being fully integrated into the Spanish system. For him, the idea of giving up British nationality wasn’t a frightful one, unlike the thought of how to apply for Spanish citizenship without any support.

After contacting Pellicer & Heredia’s experts, the application didn’t seem an impossible task. Norman was provided with a straight forward list of steps he had to follow personally, prior to Pellicer & Heredia’s team starting the application process in Spain.

Norman admits that the requirements to apply for Spanish nationality can come across a lot more complex when trying to go through them by yourself. Time is a big factor, and it can take a lot more time without the help of a professional who knows what they are doing. With Pellicer & Heredia on board, Norman was confident of his application and had someone there to clear any doubts and give advice along the entire process.

Once the application was submitted, it took just four months to be approved! Norman couldn’t quite believe it. He knows of people that have applied by themselves and well, they are still waiting to have a result.

Besides being very happy with his Spanish nationality, Norman also feels like a big weight has been lifted off his shoulders, as he no longer needs to fear the consequences Brexit may have for him. Are you thinking about applying for Spanish citizenship?

Pellicer & Heredia specialise in Immigration & International Law and have many years of experience, giving you peace of mind your application will be dealt with great attention to detail and, most of all, personal attention, always seeking the best option for you.

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