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The Best Decision in 40 Years

Moving to Spain: A great experience

Martin and Mary Wood’s Story

Now many of you will ask yourself ‘What was the best decision?’. Let us tell you. Martin and Mary have been together for 40 years, and the best thing they have ever done was moving to Spain.

Thanks to their daughters, Martin and Mary found their dream property in Alicante. They fell head over heels and knew they wanted a life in Spain. However, to put their plan into action, they needed a trusted and independent Lawyer which spoke their language.

With the help from their daughters, Martin and Mary arranged an appointment with Ignacio Pellicer, Partner of Pellicer & Heredia. The happy couple were so set on buying, that they didn’t think twice about negotiating the asking price.

Ignacio, with his vast experience in the property market, knew that the price was too high and there was a big potential for a reduction. After taking on board the advice and with Pellicer & Heredia’s guidance, the couple made an offer and it was accepted.

Giving Pellicer & Heredia the power of attorney made the whole due diligence on the conveyancing process stress-free. Martin and Mary were able to continue wrapping up their life in the States, without the additional bureaucracy.

Additionally, the law firm opened up a bank account for Martin and Mary, in order to transfer the funds, and also helped them get the best currency exchange deal. All these details are essential, and when you don’t speak the language it is even harder to manage.

Being retired and living in the United States, your pension doesn’t go a long way and thanks to the negotiated price, Martin and Mary had more money to put aside for their new chapter. They couldn’t believe their luck!

Besides, of course, taking the leap due to the economic point of view, Martin and Mary fell in love with the Spanish culture, the weather and the people, and simply couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Engaging Ignacio and his team meant they could enjoy life in Spain from day one and with peace of mind that everything was getting done the right way.

Pellicer & Heredia not only handled the conveyancing process, but the immigration specialists handled the applications for the non-lucrative residence visas with the Spanish Consulate in the States.

All the requirements and deadlines were met, resulting in a favourable outcome. This only meant one thing: Martin and Mary were ready to get on that plane and move into their beautiful new place in the sun.

Once on Spanish soil, the team at Pellicer & Heredia, upon other final transactions, accompanied Martin and Mary to have their biometric data taken and collect the permits. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what language you speak; Pellicer & Heredia is with you every step of the way.

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