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Relocation service

Relocation in Spain

The aim is to provide the expatriate with the necessary information for integration in his or her new destination.
Service includes consulting, organization of visits, information packages about the new destination.
Specialized information and guidance service aimed at people of foreign origin on subjects of interest to them once they arrive in the municipality such as: health, education, housing, leisure, sport, employment, taxes, etc., including:
  • Registration in the municipal census
  • Search for schools on request and enrolment in public and public schools
  • Booking of appointments in all official institutions
  • Request for inclusion of social security as a beneficiary
  • Advice on taking out different insurance policies


We offer complete advisory services on international activity to both private investors and companies:
  • Advice on the different types of investments that can be made
  • Consultation on direct and indirect investment
  • Advice on real estate transactions
  • Services in the field of immigration 
  • Assistance in the process of defining and implementing your investments
  • General guidance services
  • Consulting on business start-up/license management
  • Legal advice on renting homes and premises
  • Management of the application for a tourist flat licence
  • Assistance in the process of contracting health insurance
  • Inclusion as a social security beneficiary
  • Assistance in finding and enrolling in public or public schools
  • Exchanges of driving licences
  • Legalisation of documents/apostille management
  • Management of national and international removals

Advice in real estate transactions  

We are experts in real estate transactions, with specific knowledge of the legal aspects to be considered in their sale, acquisition and lease, as well as in the financing of real estate projects and the constitution of guarantees and contracts.
We have a team of lawyers who specialize in the legal aspects of all types of property (homes, commercial premises, offices, rustic properties, industrial warehouses, hotels, retirement homes, golf courses and marinas).
We provide advice in the different areas of the real estate activity: buying and selling of properties, leasing, promotion and construction contracts and real estate financing. 

Assistance in the process of defining and implementing your investments , includes:

  • Setting up the agreements of intent
  • Participation in the negotiation and structuring phase of the operation
  • Drafting of the contracts and closing.

Immigration services

We cover the management and processing of all legal and administrative aspects related to files and permits for foreigners and applications for the Spanish nationality. 

We offer management services for the following applications:

  • Foreigner Identity Number (N.I.E)
  • Investors Visa (Golden Visa)
  • Non-lucrative residency permits  
  • Residency with work permits.  
  • Authorization to stay for study, research or training
  • Certificate of Registration of European Union Citizen
  • Residence permit for UK nationals : T.I.E
  • Other types of residence
  • Spanish nationality
We cover the necessary procedures so that any foreign investor can develop his or her activity in Spain. We inform our clients about all the documentation needed in each case, as well as the procedure to follow for the application of each type of residence. In addition, we offer advice on regularization of their administrative situation, subsidies and aid for foreign entrepreneurs.
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