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Calm For The Future

In Pellicer & Heredia we have a proven experience in bankruptcy legal advice and companies in administration to parties who may be affected by the economic crisis of a company. Our experience in insolvency allows us to face any situation with a deep knowledge of national and international legislation, in reference to International Insolvency.

Our advice includes, amongst others, the following fields:

  • Pre-insolvency advice.
  • Directors’ liability.
  • Preparation of voluntary arrangements with creditors.
  • Advice during the liquidation of the company.
  • Recognition and enforcement of court decisions issued in foreign insolvency proceedings.
  • Structuring investments in the assets, debts and liabilities of insolvent companies.
  • Group reorganisation proceedings.
  • Refinancing debts.
  • Enforcement of creditor rights.
  • Assessment of responsibility of administrators and investments in bankruptcy assets and liabilities.
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