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We had a really horrendous experience with a previous firm of Lawyers who were applying to retrieve our 3% tax retained when we sold our apartment 7 years ago. In the end we decided to write it off as a loss but were so lucky to be put in touch with Pellicer & Heredia who came highly recommended and so we decided to try again. Believe it or not, we were advised that a cheque was on its way which duly arrived within 1 month of our first contact with Pellicer & Heredia. So I would certainly recommend them. Can’t thank you enough.

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Elena Fisun


Great professionals work here, and in different areas of jurisprudence.
We have been successfully cooperating with this company for several years: extension of 2 residences, registration of a tourist license, support of transactions for the sale and purchase of real estate, inheritance , tax declarations, advice on other issues. Attentive attitude towards our clients. There is a Russian translator. I really recommend this company.

Joshua Ibrahim



Thank you to Pedro, Nuria, Carmen and everyone who was involved in my application process. Your outstanding work and hospitality made the entire process feel like a breeze! Highly recommended!!

Ahmed Abuelnasr



During our visit to Alicante, me and my wife, while searching for a competent and skillful place to help us getting the Spanish residence, we were lucky with the searching result by founding PELLICER & HEREDIA LAWYERS in Alicante.
With the first meeting in their office with Ignacio and Carmen, we were impressed and satisfied that we got the right place for our objective and we will deal with a most professional staff.
As a result of Carmen effective follow up and her systematic and well organized processing, we get the the residence in a record time (almost 40 days after complete the requested documents).
With the same effective and well organized processing, once we reach Alicante, the file processing handled by Yulia, Stephane and Guillermo to obtain on the residence card, once more many thanks for all PELLICER & HERDIA LAWYERS staff for their support and great service.

Glenn Metzner



After a complete and thorough interview I was set up with Residencia expert Yulia, who told me exactly what documents I needed to provide and what the immigration office needed to see. She was very responsive at all times, even working weekends and well into the evening.
I achieved Residencia in record time, just over a week (including Easter weekend). Well done!

Nicholas Nino Fanelli



Great efficient service, helped me from start to finish. Highly recommend.

John Vranicar


If you are planning to move to Spain and need a visa, I have two recommendations: First hire a Spanish law firm, and second, if your destination is the Costa Blanca, engage P&H. There is a lot of advice on the internet that leaves the impression that you can get a visa yourself. But while some visa requirements are not that difficult to satisfy, others can be quite challenging. We are a married couple from Chicago, newly retired, who obtained non-lucrative visas in November 2020, to move to Alicante. Having wrestled for weeks with how to meet some visa requirements, we ultimately decided to engage Spanish counsel, and, after some online research, we chose P&H. This turned out to be a great decision, both because of the peace of mind it provided and more importantly, the great results we got.

P&H met with us online, and helped us through the visa process, including obtaining proof of residence (in our case obtaining and negotiating a lease). P&H was very effective in communicating with the Spanish consulate in Chicago. P&H also found an excellent, reasonably priced certified translator for us, and completed forms and reviewed our visa packages before we submitted them. P&H helped us get consulate visa interviews in October 2020, at a time when, due to COVID, appointments were almost impossible to schedule. Also, due to COVID, a critical federal document needed for our package hadn’t arrived by the time of our consulate interviews in Chicago.
P&H worked with the Spanish consulate to obtain an extension. Once in Spain, we relied on P&H to help us get our empadronamientos and fingerprints for our TIEs (Spanish identity cards issued to foreigners). This was a process the complexity of which we had under-estimated (made far more challenging because of COVID), and P&H’s help was invaluable. When Spanish tax time rolls around we will be relying on P&H for help in that regard as well. And we will certainly be needing their help when it’s time to renew our visas next year.

In summary, you are going to need a Spanish law firm sooner or later if you move to Spain, and on the Costa Blanca you are not going to find a firm that is more professional or responsive than P&H. We recommend them highly.

Diego F D



Excellent service, support and diligence. Very professional staff on all handled areas. Highly recommendable!

Ray Barrette



Pedro Heredia and team were very attentive and supportive.

Neil Deakin



We used the services of Yulia and her team to obtain our TIE. Great service, stress free, very efficient and would thoroughly recommend the company.

Bruce and Leonor Atkins



My wife and I moved to Alicante last year and the first appointment we had the day after we arrived was with Pedro Heredia. We had researched English speaking law firms prior to our move to Spain and we have found the work of Pellicer & Heredia to be very important to our living here. Pedro gave us an important contact with CaixaBank the very first day. We have bought a home, prepared wills, prepared power of attorney for health issues, filed for our residency requirements, and will soon be filing our Spanish income tax, all with the reputable help of Pellicer & Heredia. In short, we couldn´t have made the international move from the United States to Alicante without their legal services. Thank you!

Peter Dunn



Having decided to change my green residence certificate to the T.I.E. Card, I engaged Pellicer & Heredia to organize this for me. They handled every aspect of the process from arranging the appointment, attending to all paperwork and accompanying me through the various steps when attending the Foreign Office. All in all, a seamless and easy experience.
Well done to all concerned.

Bruce and Leonor Atkins



My wife and I moved to Alicante last year and the first appointment we had the day after we arrived was with Pedro Heredia. We had researched English speaking law firms prior to our move to Spain and we have found the work of Pellicer & Heredia to be very important to our living here. Pedro gave us an important contact with CaixaBank the very first day. We have bought a home, prepared wills, prepared power of attorney for health issues, filed for our residency requirements, and will soon be filing our Spanish income tax, all with the reputable help of Pellicer & Heredia. In short, we couldn´t have made the international move from the United States to Alicante without their legal services. Thank you!

Nancy Jean Studzinski



We are very pleased with the services for our renewal of our second visa with a resolution in a timely manner. The cost of services , in our opinion, as competitive with other firms. Emails, response, meetings and direction was excellent by entire staff at Pellicer and Heredia. Always a smile and can do attitude. Moving on now to taxes and Spanish will with them. Thank you so much for helping us thru all these processes.

Reiko & Lorenzo Rangel



Thank you to P&H, Ignacio, Uria and Carmen. Their law service is always efficient, reliable and quick. We will be back again and again.

Vincent Wilding



 I would just like to say that I am so glad that I chose Pelliicer & Heredia to undertake the work involved for my son and myself for our residency in Spain which they have been successful in the resolution of this task. They have been quick to resolve this task. Not only have they resolved the above, but have also been successful in completing the re-registration of my British car to Spanish registration.
Pellicer & Heredia, thankyou so much.

David Edwards



Thank you Ignacio and your fantastic staff for your help, advice and all your hard work in battling with the bank and obtaining a positive result and getting my money back.
Well done, what a team.

Iain Blaikie and Awelani Moyo



We can not speak highly enough of Ignacio and his whole P & H team. They have helped us in so many ways from tax returns to house purchasing and making sure all of our residential statuses in Spain are fully compliant. Nothing is too much trouble and the security it brings to have everything efficiently managed by a talented team of experts from such a reputable team is invaluable. We always feel listened to, we are kept properly informed and everything is solutions-based. They really do make things happen and achieve the desired results! Thank you!

C. Ó Liatháin



As a US citizen AND an EU family member, I had trouble finding the exact answers for our family’s residency. All the “experts” seemed to be guessing, and with each new question I asked, it was painfully clear they were all just winging it. We decided to seek professional help and I reached out to multiple immigration attorney offices. Pellicer & Heredia responded promptly, followed up and got me in quickly to meet with Carmen to determine our strategy.

Then came the pandemic and the lockdowns. Yulia was our lifeline: keeping us informed, pursuing appointments for us, answering questions, and working within our time restrictions. She came through for us and we were so grateful to have her through this period of uncertainty.

I felt that their fee for services was very reasonable, particularly for the peace of mind in knowing that it was being handled correctly and we had a team in our corner if we needed them. Great people to work with and I highly recommend them for your immigration needs.

Narina Prokosch



Our visa renewal was just approved and thanks in large part to our legal representation by Pellicer & Heredia (Carmen Amorim and team). Our file was expertly handled and communicated throughout the process. It made the renewal process easy and less stressful. I highly recommend Carmen for your immigration needs. Thank you!

Ann Salamony



To whom it may concern I would like to highly recommend Ignacio Pellicer of Law Firm Pellicer & Heredia and his entire team of young lawyers . My husband and I were in lockdown with the onset on Covid 19 in Cairo Egypt .
When fortunately for us we had a buyer interested in buying our property in Ibiza Spain. At the time Ignacio did not have power of attorney and there was no way we could travel to Spain as all flights and airlines were grounded.

Ignacio masterminded a meeting for us with the Spanish Embassy in Cairo and concluded the transaction of giving power of attorney to Ignacio and his team . Now we were in a position to address the deal of the sale of our property.This uncovered a number of issues , with the local Town Hall office, the management agent of the development and other issues . But nothing proved impossible for Ignacio and his diligent team. Because of lockdown Ignacio spoke to us on ZOOM with all the members of his team working on our sales deal, and continued to give us such a personal boost and confidence believe that his Law Firm had everything under control and would conclude the deal within the time scale.

They went above and beyond the call of duty every time and to conclude we ended with the sale of our property with a seamless result . We were very lucky to have such a lawyer and his team and Firm looking after us and I would definitely recommend his services every time . If you want to buy or sell property in Spain, no matter where in the world you live please give Pellicer & Heredia a call and they will do the rest. We are very happy to know Ignacio and his team and use their service for all of our business in Spain.

My name is Ann Salamony and my husband is Dr Mohsen Salamony, we are both very happy to give this colourful review of our amazing lawyers. Best of luck to everyone and stay safe.

Richard Hill



At Brexpats in Spain we have been providing information and assistance for British expats, working with Embassy staff, government and ayuntamientos as a volunteer organisation for the last 4 years, Throughout this time Pellicer and Heredia have supported us with their legal knowledge and assistance to our now circa 16000 members.
These videos are just an example of their excellent help. It is a pleasure to work with them for continuing benefit of our members and the general expat community. Richard Hill Vice President Brexpats in Spain.

Facebook group “Brexpats in Spain – Comunidad de Valencia” locally or just Brexpats in Spain nationally

Michael Rushbrook



Having recently made several attempt to process the new UK Identity Card for Residents in Spain (TIE) Online without success, I decide to use the Service provided by Pellicer & Heredia.
The entire process was “Pain Free” and very efficiently carried out. WE were met at the Foreigners Office a few minutes prior to our appointed time and very quickly processed through security and into the waiting area where we were soon called to complete the process.
The entire visit took less than 30 minutes unlike the previous occasion some 16 years ago. Thank you for an extremely efficient service which is well worth the cost if only for removing all the stress and strain.

Terence & Barbara Blake



We can highly recommend Pellicer and Heredia, always very helpful, friendly and considerate. We first saw Ignacio who introduced us to Daniel who spoke good English.
Daniel gave us advice, guidance in what course to take, he continued to work diligently to get us a better result. He is a very professional and polite person.
Thank you for all your help Daniel.

Nigel Turnbull



Always great, friendly service and much patience shown as the process is explained in English. Despite their busy schedule they always find time to talk with me even with short notice. Highly recommended for all legal and tax aspects of living in Spain today.

Harrison Kemp



Pellicer &Heredia we consider to be the most professional and talented firm of lawyers in Spain.

My wife and I had a situation with our mortgage which could have resulted in us being homeless.We now thanks to Andrea David Ivors and the team at Pellicer & Heredia will continue to be able to stay in our house for ever.

They are honest and trustworthy and care about their clients we can say this from first hand experience.We therefore recommend them to anyone who needs legal advice.

Dick & Elaine Francis



My wife and I sold our villa via Pellicer & Heredia in May 2018 when we moved to Portugal. We later had some enormous problems with the Spanish Tax Office in trying to get back from them some of the 3% Capital Gains Tax deducted at the time of the sale.
This resulted in the Tax Office claiming that we owed hundreds of thousands of euro to them (due to their various errors!) and indeed the Spanish Tax Office then tried to recover the incorrect Tax they said we were due from us, both via the Tax offices in Portugal and in the U.K.
These incorrect payment demands where very threatening and caused my wife and myself much tress and much worry! However, throughout all of the problems and errors made by the Spanish Tax Office, Marta Pellicer kept ‘fighting our case’ and eventually after nearly 2 years she has managed to resolve the issues and to recover the monies due to us from the Tax Office in Spain. We can fully recommend Marta Pellicer and the law firm Pellicer & Heredia to handle all your property matters in Spain.

Marta in particular has been outstanding in sorting out all our issues with the Tax Office in Spain and we thank her very much for all of her help and advice over the past 2 years.

Petro Ballemans



A good and firm settlement with a positive result thanks to Pellicer & Heredia.

Jack Field



Excellent service, fluent in both Spanish and English. So helpful and went the extra mile for us when we needed it. Thank you!

John Blundell



Honest professional company that not only won a refund of my deposit on a off plan development at court, but also won interest and legal costs. We would 100% recommend this law firm and cant not thank them for their excellent service, mr/mrs john blundell.

Colin Fox



We have lived permanently in Spain for nearly 14 years, and have had the help of Pellicer & Heredia for the majority of that time. We highly recommend them with everything legal. They went to Southampton university and speak excellent English, a must if your Spanish is not too good, and you need the advice of a solicitor. They sorted out fiscal residencia for us, and have helped with the buying and selling of our houses. They also sort our tax out every year, and nothing is too much trouble. If you live in Spain permanently and want to apply for residencia, which is advisable, then these are the guys to see.

Mark Skelton



Roberto was absolutely fantastic in assisting us with the purchase of our new property, was always on hand to guide us through the process and saved us from potentially losing a lot of money after identifying several questionable elements with our original purchase choice. We couldn’t be more pleased and would highly recommend Pellicer & Heredia, and I will certainly be using them again for my future legal needs.

Margaret Ferguson-lees



Extremely helpful and very friendly, answered all my questions and put my mind at ease throughout the process of buying a house, would highly recommend.

Lizzie & Chris Watson



in Quesada and surrounding areas there are many different solicitors & law firms, the choice is massive!!, but to find one that is not just out to line their pockets with fees & hidden charges but to treat you all on a personal level like a friend – giving 100% advice- guidance & help- for whatever query or problem you may have, so when after your first initial visit you walk out of the office light hearted & happy knowing that they will sort out & resolve your problems for you. this firm Pellicer & Heredia is it !!!, as from entering the main door your greeted by the smiley face 🙂 of Jo at reception then whichever solicitor your appointment is with comes to greet you personally with another warm smile & hand shake, putting you at ease before you even start your consultation. We cannot recommend them high enough – a 5* firm that cares for everyone.

John Lazenby



 Just had some good news after a long court case I got the funds returned and deposited into my bank account today.I bought a off plan property on Almanzora Country club back in 2004 which was never built .after suing the builder and winning the case they then went Bankrupt .Ignacio advised to sue banco popular under law 57/68 which we did and although there were retainers to pay we proceeded .It was a long road and there were times when you thought the money would never be returned .Put your faith in Ignacio if you are in the same position before its too late I think you have only till 2020 to take action against the banks .best regards to Ignacio and all his staff for a great result.

Paul Dent



These guys were just brilliant. They exercised a high degree of professionalism and took care with the sale of the house. Definitely recommend Roberto and Tamsin for any legal work you have.

Anita Ridgway



We can´t speak highly enough of Pellicer and Heredia,having first contacting them 3 years ago to resolve a tax issue, my father who had resided in Spain for many years and had a business died intestate leaving a minefield of problems.Nothing was too much trouble in resolving issues as they arose. At what was a very sad time for me they dealt with everything professionally, sympathetically, diligently, taking a lot of pressure and stress from us.They have also dealt with our residencias and Spanish driving licences and yearly tax returns.Oh and importantly for us they all speak perfect English.If you are looking for a solicitor then look no further, they are the best, who we would now like to consider as friends.

James Donnelly



My wife and I together with other families who were cheated by an unscupulous builder and his cronies out of a considerable amount of money for an off plan villa in Spain were more than fortunate to find Ignacio and his team to fight our case through the courts for justice. They have achieved a “miracle.” We are expecting to receive a high proportion of our money back next week and more in the way of interest in the months to come. Sincere congratulations to the whole team at Pellicer & Heredia for their attentitive and professional success. I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody in a similar position as you can be assured of the best possible advice and conclusion.

Len Ridgway



Our first contact was with Ignacio one of the Partners of the compthe beginning until the very end of the matter. We simply could noany, whom we went to as we had about a month to resolve a legal issue that A N Other company who shall not be named who had supposedly worked on it for nearly a year. With P&H´s intervention they worked really quickly on our behalf and resolved all the problems within a few weeks by obtaining an extension and settled the problem effectively, quickly and efficiently. They have just handled a large commerial sale for us, in fact they even found a buyer for us !. Also once again Ignacio and Roberto and P&H have worked dilligentely and effectively on our behalf, and after a lot of stress and hard work on their parts finalised the sale on our behalf yesterday. We could not be more pleased to have engaged the services of Ignacio, Roberto and his hard working and trustworthy team that have been honest and forthright from the beginning. Quite simply we could not have done it without them and cannot thank all of them enough :-)

Denise & John Forder



In 2006 we retired to Spain but due to issues with the build of our property in May 2007 we were forced to return to England with a small amount of monies spare to start our lives again.

We were introduced to Ignacio Pellicer via Michael Davies solicitors who both came highly recommended by a local resident. Following our first of many meetings with Ignacio we returned to England confident that he would represent us well.

The next 8 years consisted of a number of court cases and trials, two of which we were required to travel back to Spain to attend, the results of both being in our favour. Even though we won both cases neither resulted in the return of the monies we had lost.

Approximately 3 years ago Ignacio contacted us with news of going back to court via a new route and we won our case. However, due to appeals once again we were required to wait.

After 11 years of hard work from Michael and Ignacio we have now finally received our money back. We are eternally grateful to both of them and can not thank them enough for their dedication to our case.

The most important thing to us throughout this lengthy process was that they NEVER gave up or forgot about us.

Keith Phillips



We were involved with others in what turned out to be an illegal off plan scheme many years ago and had lost hope of ever seeing any of our money. We were extremely fortunate two years ago to be introduced to Ignacio at Pellicer & Heredia. His perfect English, professionalism and rapid grasp of the facts relating to a difficult case impressed us greatly. He won our case and we have seen the return of our money plus interest. We would not hesitate to recommend Ignacio and his excellent team to anyone.