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Abogados Alicante

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Pellicer & Heredia is een advocatenkantoor in Alicante, lid van de Alicante Advocaten Club (ICALI).

Wij bieden onze klanten juridisch advies met een gestuurde uitkomst en advies op maat. Pellicer&Heredia is gespecialiseerd in internationaal recht, visa’s en verblijf, gericht op bewoners aan de Costa Blanca en Alicante.

Ons doel: totale klanttevredenheid.
Laatste beoordelingen van klanten
Glenn Metzner

After a complete and thorough interview I was set up with Residencia expert Yulia, who told me exactly what documents I needed to provide and what the immigration office needed to see. She was very responsive at all times, even working weekends and well into the evening.
I achieved Residencia in record time, just over a week (including Easter weekend). Well done!

Peter Dunn​

Having decided to change my green residence certificate to the T.I.E. Card, I engaged Pellicer & Heredia to organize this for me. They handled every aspect of the process from arranging the appointment, attending to all paperwork and accompanying me through the various steps when attending the Foreign Office. All in all, a seamless and easy experience.
Well done to all concerned.

Nancy Studzinski

We are very pleased with the services for our renewal of our second visa with a resolution in a timely manner. The cost of services , in our opinion, as competitive with other firms. Emails, response, meetings and direction was excellent by entire staff at Pellicer and Heredia. Always a smile and can do attitude. Moving on now to taxes and Spanish will with them. Thank you so much for helping us thru all these processes

Narina Prokosch

Our visa renewal was just approved and thanks in large part to our legal representation by Pellicer & Heredia (Carmen Amorim and team). Our file was expertly handled and communicated throughout the process. It made the renewal process easy and less stressful. I highly recommend Carmen for your immigration needs. Thank you!

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