Meet Pellicer & Heredia

Meet Pellicer & Heredia, Alicante Lawyers

PELLICER & HEREDIA is one of Spain’s most dynamic law firms, consisting of a multi-skilled staff, fluent in English and with many years of experience in dealing with Spanish laws. In addition, a substantial amount of our work has an international aspect. We regularly act for foreign companies and private individuals, representing their interests in Spain on both transactional and litigation matters.

Pellicer & Heredia was founded by Ignacio Pellicer and Pedro Heredia, Ambassadors of the Firm. When choosing Pellicer & Heredia, you will appreciate our ethics, principles and values, which will be the core of our relationship. We find LEGAL SOLUTIONS and offer exhaustive advice for each situation, striving to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

We have developed a reputation of being independent, reliable and committed to our clients, and would be more than happy to prove it to you. Our attorneys are nationally recognized leaders in their practice areas, and carry on the tradition of experience and innovation. Our clients can feel confident about working with us and knowing that we understand their legal needs.

Using an independent lawyer when buying a property in Spain or dealing with any legal, tax or financial situation is vital.

You might not realise just how important the decision is, to appoint an independent lawyer, to help and assist you, throughout any legal situation whilst living in Spain.

We are proud of the fact that we have assisted thousands of clients, always following our principles.

Appointing Pellicer & Heredia as your trusted lawyer means that:

  1. We are committed in acting ethically, as we consider to be the heart of what it means to be a lawyer.
  2. We are capable to handle difficult professional decisions on the clients’ behalf, which can be appreciated in the short or long term.
  3. Our ethics involve making a commitment to act with integrity and honesty, in accordance with widely recognized moral principles.
  4. Our principles such us transparency, commitment and professionalism will guide us towards acting the correct way in relation to moral dilemmas that may arise in practice.
  5. Our ethics are based on the principles of meeting the interests of our customers, with our legal services, acting in their interest at all times.
  6. We are proud of being competitive, acting ethically at the same time. We strike the correct balance between the rule of law and reputation.
  7. Our law firm will deliver to you the level of service deserved, and fulfill the ethical obligations of competence, diligence and prompt communication required by our good standards and plain business sense.
  8. We place the interests of our clients above our own, and strive to obtain respect for the Rule of Law. We combine a continuous update on legal developments with service to our clients, respect for the courts, and the legitimate aspiration to maintain a reasonable standard of living.
  9. We have the required academic certifications and training, together with the practicing requirements, such as holding a valid practicing certificate or license.
  10. We will never act against your interest and will advise you with no conflict of interest.

At Pellicer & Heredia we are a dynamic, MULTIDISCIPLINARY firm, in constant training, using the LATEST TECHNOLOGIES with bilingual staff in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Russian, and with a strong presence in the Costa Blanca.

Our clients can rest assured that they are in the hands of the best professionals.

We are grateful to our clients and fellow lawyers for their confidence in our firm, and for allowing us to build our practice into one of the most successful law firms in the country. Please feel free to contact us with whatever questions you may have about our firm.

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