Spain Non Lucrative Visa

How to obtain a Non-Lucrative residence Visa to live in Spain

The Non-lucrative Visa in Spain is for people who wish to establish their residence in Spain, and have sufficient means of subsistence to live in Spain, without the need to perform any commercial activity.

Non EU nationals looking to reside in Spain for more than 90 days require a visa for entry into Spain. The non-lucrative residence visa allows you to reside in Spain, but does not permit a professional activity nor employment. If they want to spend more than half a year in Spain, a non-lucrative visa is a good option to formalize their residence. The non-lucrative visa is one type of Spanish residence permit.

Spain is a country that stands out for its quality of life for expats, holding an outstanding position in global rankings, especially concerning customs and family life. Obtaining Spanish residency will bring a range of benefits, including free access to 26 European countries in the Schengen area.

Non lucrative visa after Brexit

Non Lucrative Visa requirements

The non-lucrative residence visa application must be submitted at the Spanish Consulate of the applicant’s home country.

  • Application form.
  • Valid passport or travel document.
  • Criminal record document or equivalent.
  • Documentation proving sufficient financial means.
  • Documentation proving medical insurance.
  • Medical certificate.

What is the deadline to submit the non-lucrative residence visa?

The deadline for processing the application is three months. If the visa is granted, the applicant must enter Spain within the validity period of the visa (maximum 3 months). Within one month of entering Spain, the foreign national must register and personally apply for the residence card.

Non Lucrative Visa taxes

The minimum amount of money requested by the IPREM to obtain the non-lucrative residence permit is as follows:

As the applicant, you must prove that you receive 400% of the IPREM into your bank account annually. For 2021, the IPREM is €564.90 for a month, meaning that you would need a regular monthly income of €2,259.60 or €27,115.20 yearly, or its equivalent in the foreign currency.

For each additional family member, 100% of the IPREM is required, which in 2021 amounts to €564.90 per month or its equivalent in the foreign currency.

Likewise, in order to prove that you have the financial means to live in Spain, you can use any legally accepted means. In this case, you can provide a bank statement or any other document that proves that you have sufficient economic means to live in Spain with your family members.

The multiplier for the public income index (IPREM) is a reference index used in Spain for the allocation and granting of economic aids, subsidies, allowances or the unemployment benefit among others, based on income. This index was introduced on 1 July 2004 to replace the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI), which allowed a more important growth of the SMI to not affect the entire system of economic aids and subsidies. The IPREM is updated at the beginning of every year in the Budget Law of Spain.

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