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Restructuring and Insolvency

Calm For The Future

Our advice is structured though the following products:

  • Credit protection: Preventive advice on negotiating contracts and obtaining guarantees for the most effective credit protection. Legal defense of credits in individual proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Defense in reintegration actions: Advice on doing business with companies in financial difficulty and defense in legal proceedings aimed at severing dealings with bankrupt companies.
  • Claims against directors: Representation in lawsuits relating to liability of administrators and shareholders.
  • Financial restructuring: From a bankruptcy prevention point of view, analyzing and preparing feasibility proposals with credit institutions and suppliers, to bring into line the financial and assets structure of the business.
  • Deferral of tax and social security debt: During the prevention of a business crisis, processing and obtaining debt deferrals, and during bankruptcy proceedings, negotiating payment agreements.
  • Directors’ liability: Prevention of conduct that may lead to the corporate, tax or criminal liability of directors. Defense in lawsuits relating to directors’ liability.
  • Industrial relations during company crisis situations: Measures to make industrial relations flexible, by attempting to adapt the company’s production and organization structure to the new circumstances, whether temporarily or permanently. Feasibility plans. Collective bargaining in crisis situations. Redundancies, termination and suspension of contracts. Alternative measures to layoffs.
  • Legal supervision and advice on national and international bankruptcy proceedings: Approach, supervision and assistance in bankruptcy proceedings, when the crisis must be solved in court.
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