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Mapfre Insurance

Pellicer & Heredia could assist you to organize your insurance through the leading insurance company in Spain, Mapfre.

Mapfre has over 5,800 offices worldwide and operates on 5 continents making their range of insurance products available to individuals, professionals and businesses, with the aim of offering them complete protection against all the risks they may face.

Mapfre offers comprehensive insurance policies for the English speaking community here in Spain. They supply an extensive range of policies including:

  • Health Insurance
  • Funeral Plans
  • Travel Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Tenancy Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Third-party Liability Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Investment and Financial Insurance

Mapfre insurance are committed to offering crystal clear policies that deliver what was requested by the client when an insurance claim is required. The policies are clearly explained so that there is a complete understanding of what the coverage includes.

Did you know that most insurance policies are set to automatically renew every year unless you supply 2 months written notice of cancellation? Check your renewal date today and ensure you have a chance to shop around for the best policy for you.

Mapfre has recently incorporated an English speaking customer service line, which you can contact on 912747600 to report your incidents or ask for information and advice. Mapfre is here to give you peace of mind!

At Pellicer & Heredia we will be happy to assist you if you have any questions or doubts with regards to claiming through your insurance company or if you are looking for a personalised insurance package. It may also be of your interest to consult the consortium’s website in case your insurance company does not assist you with your claim: Customer Support

Mapfre globally

MAPFRE holds a significant position in the global insurance market as the 17th largest reinsurer worldwide and the leading multinational insurer in Latin America. In Europe, it stands out among the top 10 insurers by premium volume. The company provides insurance and reinsurance services to more than 2,700 companies and over 1,400 companies in more than 100 countries respectively, demonstrating its extensive global reach and influence.

Mapfre by the numbers

Mapfre services over 30 million customers worldwide and employs 31,000 staff across its various offices. The company’s vast network includes more than 81,000 intermediaries, emphasizing its robust engagement in the insurance market. Moreover, Mapfre maintains impressive financial stability, with total assets amounting to 63,000 million euros.

Financial performance

Mapfre has shown strong financial performance, with an attributable profit increase of 7.7% and a return on equity (ROE) of 9.0%. The company has also achieved an efficient technical management as evidenced by the improved combined ratio for non-life insurance sectors.

Premium distribution

The distribution of premiums within MAPFRE highlights its diverse risk portfolio. Some of the most significant areas arereinsurances (26.6%), life insurance (18%), and automobiles (20.4%).

Ratings and dividends

Mapfre is well-regarded in the financial community, evidenced by its A- (Stable) ratings from both Fitch and S&P. Additionally, the company has maintained a steady dividend yield on the average share price of 7.7%, reflecting its commitment to delivering shareholder value.

Social impact and sustainability

Mapfre is deeply committed to social responsibility and sustainability. A significant 96.9% of its workforce is employed on permanent contracts, supporting job security and stability. The company’s goal for 2030 is to achieve global carbon neutrality and ensure that all its suppliers are 100% sustainable, aligning with its inclusive labor policies and broader environmental commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions

MAPFRE is recognized as the 17th largest reinsurer globally, showcasing its prominent role in the reinsurance industry.

Recently, MAPFRE has reported a 7.7% increase in attributable profit along with an improvement in the non-life combined ratio, indicating robust financial health.

For 2030, MAPFRE aims for global carbon neutrality and is committed to having 100% sustainable suppliers, highlighting its dedication to environmental stewardship.

MAPFRE contributes to society by ensuring job security through permanent contracts for the majority of its employees and engaging in extensive community and volunteer activities.

MAPFRE has maintained a combined ratio of 97.2% for non-life insurance and a Solvency II ratio of 198.1%. These figures demonstrate the company’s strong risk management and financial stability.

In terms of premium distribution, MAPFRE allocates 28.3% to general, 26.6% to reinsurance, 18% to life insurance, and 20.4% to automobile insurance. This diversified distribution helps mitigate risks and ensures stable revenue streams across different sectors.

MAPFRE has experienced significant growth with its premiums and revenues increasing by 9.7% and 9.2%, respectively. This growth is indicative of MAPFRE’s expanding market presence and its ability to increase its business volume year over year.

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