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Proven Innocence after False Accusation

Civil Case: Jeffrey and Gaynor Matthews

Jeffrey and Gaynor Matthews’ Story

Jeffrey and Gaynor Matthews had been living in Spain for several years, having their family over for visits, and generally enjoying their retirement in the sun.

Until, one evening in 2014, when Jeffrey was walking their little dog, an incident happened with an already generally unsociable neighbour, who later proceeded to lodge a false accusation against him. These accusations were very serious and although Jeffrey knew he was innocent, it was a question of demonstrating this to the Courts.

This was when all the angst began.

In the first instance, he was assisted by an assigned Lawyer, who didn’t even speak English and who advised him to plead guilty and pay a fine. But Jeffrey knew he was innocent and he would do everything to prove it.

Already a client of Pedro Heredia for other general matters as most expats have in Spain, Jeffrey knew he needed to come to him for his case.

It was a long process, as the claimant appealed when Jeffrey first won the case, but eventually the truth prevailed, and he was cleared of all charges, finally putting an end to years of worry and sealing once and for all his good name.

In Spain, the criminal code protects the presumption of innocence along with other principles. However, it is important to have a good defense when being accused to avoid any reasonable doubt against the accused party.

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