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Happy Ending for an Off-Plan Case

Off-plan Deposit Refund – John & Denise’s Story

John and Denise Forder’s Story

John and Denise have always liked Spain, and due to John’s health problems, they decided to take the leap and build a property in the sunshine. Not only would it mean a better lifestyle for John and Denise, but it would improve John’s health.

However, the transition wasn’t an easy one.

The couple fell in love with the area of Mojacar and decided to view various properties through an Estate Agent. When they were introduced to the builder, they were set on buying and went ahead, full of faith and excitement.

Every few months John and Denise went to see the property. The building works were going ahead, and they were making the relevant payments. Until, one day, they received a phone call from another couple who had bought on the same site.

Rumour was that the building works were being stopped. Upon receiving this news, John and Denise went back to their property, which was being built, only to find the builder on site, claiming the statement they had heard was false and that everything was in order.

One week later, the whole site was closed down and notices were hung on doors. It was a complete shock to John and Denise, who decided to take the notice to their solicitor. Their contract was terminated and they were told everything would be ok, but it never was.

After losing all hope, in 2007 John and Denise went to see Ignacio Pellicer, to find out whether they had a case. From the moment they stepped into the office, the case was left in Pellicer & Heredia’s hands. The couple felt very much at ease and deposited total confidence in the law firm.

Every court case was won, but the building company appealed every time, meaning John and Denise ran out of money to pursue them further. John, being disabled, couldn’t work, and Denise was forced to start working again. It didn’t end there, as they had to take out a mortgage in order to afford rent.

What once was a dream, turned into a nightmare.

When they were told by Ignacio Pellicer that similar cases have had success when taking the bank to court, they thought ‘Why not?’. Their financial situation couldn’t get any worse and, at this point, they had nothing to lose.

Michael Davies, in our video, tells us: “When a builder goes bankrupt, there is a second chance for the affected to get their money back, by suing the bank which received the payments at the time. It is important to note that not everyone can do this, as certain conditions have to be met, but the majority of people who have lost their money are able to get their money back this way.”

After a long fight, John and Denise won. They couldn’t believe it when they got all their money back after many years. They were able to pay off the mortgage and actually start living again, just the way they had envisioned it when coming to Spain. Their daughter is getting married in two years and they can now contribute towards the wedding, which wasn’t an option before.

Thanks to Ignacio Pellicer and Michael Davies it was a happy ending, and John and Denise still love Spain.

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