Abogados Alicante

Professional legal advice to family business

Integral Service

  • Negotiating, drafting and executing family business agreements and shareholders agreements.
  • Reorganizing family assets, including tax planning and execution of the necessary documents.
  • Restructuring companies within family business groups.
  • Planning, studying and negotiating sales, purchases, mergers and spin-offs of companies within family businesses, either within the family or with third parties, other families, companies, directors or institutional investors.
  • Planning succession of estate; drafting wills and succession agreements; executing donations, exchanges, and sales; and carrying out other legal business matters required to transfer family assets from one generation to another.
  • Drafting premarital agreements for members of family businesses.
  • Adapting by-laws to the needs of the family or to family business agreements and drafting by-laws of the board of directors or of the family board.
  • Studying and implementing remuneration schemes for members of family businesses, whether or not they manage the businesses; these schemes must be optimally efficient from a tax perspective while observing the operational norms of businesses and families.
  • Drafting employment contracts designed especially for family members and non-family members who work in the family business.
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