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Due to the great amount of people that come over to Spain every year and decide
to invest in the country, it is becoming increasingly common to see how Solicitors
from other countries in Europe and overseas require to enforce sentences that have
been passed abroad but concern people with assets in Spain.

If your debtor has left
the country leaving no assets and has moved to Spain, making it impossible for you
to claim for your money in your country; you can obtain the enforcement of the legal
resolution in Spain. In order to enforce a foreign judgement or resolution in Spain,
there must be an agreement signed between both countries, the country where the
judgement is passed and Spain. Within the European Union, there is the Regulation
no. 44/2001 from the Council, dated 22nd December 2000
, which regulates the enforcement
of foreign judgements inside the E.U. and makes it possible to undertake this procedure
in a relatively easy way.

You will only need to hold the ORIGINAL resolution and its translation into Spanish,
although it is advisable to obtain the certificate contained in the Annexe 5 from
this Regulation too. Certain requirements must be met:

  • The debtor must have been duly notified about the resolution Our law firm is specialized
    in this kind of lawsuits. If after reading our article you still have questions
    or doubts, please, do not hesitate in using our on-line free consultation system,
    and one of our lawyers will answer you personally and immediately.
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