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International Family Law services

International Law

International marriages and personal relationships place special demands on family
lawyers whose clients require dependable advice about complex international family
law issues. This has led to an increasing role for international family law counsel.

Our international clients will require legal advice regarding many matters, each
having a significant international component, concerning divorce, custody, equitable
distribution, child support, spousal support and child abduction.

PELLICER & HEREDIA Abogados have experience in handling international cases.

International family law attorneys at PELLICER & HEREDIA are usually familiar with
different legal systems (ideally, civil as well as common law), whether by practice,
academic experience or otherwise.
While no one can know the laws of all countries,
we are experienced in discovering, understanding and comparing such laws, reviewing
the bare language of the governing statutes, cases or treaties, and evaluating the
practical impact of the laws as they might apply to the client´s actual circumstances
in the various legal systems in issue.

Genuine knowledge of foreign practices and social customs is another critical element
of the ability to counsel on international family law matters. We collaborate with
international counsels on different jurisdictions, in order to understand the “big
picture” of an international family law case that local counsel can rarely give,
so as to provide coordinated, coherent and effective advice to clients. We also
assist clients and counsel by drawing on international networks of counsel, consultants
and experts.

PELLICER & HEREDIA ABOGADOS work frequently centers on helping clients make the critical
“first step” decisions in complex international situations.
The initial steps in
many of these cases are the most significant, and our clients must have knowledgeble
and experienced advice when making any decisions, specifically with issues as prenuptial
agreements, international child abduction, international divorce, international
relocation, the ability of individuals to remarry and international child custody.

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