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Non Lucrative Visa – Phill Poole’s Story

Phill Poole’s story

Mr & Mrs Pool and their 2 children applied for the non-lucrative visa via the London Consulate. 

Unfortunately, this was rejected. The reason given was that they did not have sufficient funds. However, they did have the sufficient financial means without working.

The family left everything that they knew and their entire life in the UK, and despite the fact that they gave up everything they had there, it was not until about half a year later that they obtained a favorable resolution.

They were very worried. The children enrolled in Spain but without residence, without a home in the UK…It was a very unsettling situation to be in.

Pellicer & Heredia’s immigration specialists filed an appeal at the consulate providing bank accounts, proof of the sale of her house in the UK and dismissal letters from their jobs in the UK.

The team took away the stress of presenting the correct paperwork and meeting deadlines. Basically just making sense of the complicated process of applying for the visa for the family and helped the family achieve their dream of living a new life in Spain. 

Not only did the Poole family receive their visas…

They have even renewed their residences for 2 more years!!

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