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A Complicated Inheritance

Conveyancing, Inheritance and Wills – Leonard & Anita’s Testimony

Leonard and Anita Ridgway’s Story

Leonard and Anita Ridgway’s relationship with Pellicer & Heredia began with a tax consultation, following a property sale in Murla, but ended up becoming much more for this couple.

It all started when they asked for help regarding a tax consultation. They had no idea that their lawyer at the time wrongly retained a 3% tax. Leonard was a resident, so the tax retention didn’t apply. 

Ignacio Pellicer, one of our lawyers, went through the paperwork and found the mistake straight away, shortly after claiming the money back with success. From then on, Pellicer & Heredia handled Leonard and Anita’s Legal Affairs.

Not long after the first contact, Anita’s father sadly passed away, leaving no will in place. Her father, a successful entrepreneur and company director, also had several properties in Spain, making matters more difficult

In addition to the properties, there were also important decisions to consider within the company, as after the passing of Anita’s father, the associate director became the administrator and effectively ran the business.

Anita’s sister had also passed away, leaving an heir in England, and meaning assets were divided between Anita and her nephew, who lived in the UK. 

The inheritance process became very overwhelming for Leonard and Anita, even more so with a deadline of six months to pay all taxes. There was a lot to think about and act on, and Ignacio and Roberto were there in every step of the way.

Finding a buyer, negotiating with investors to sell the share of the deceased, liaising with the administrator… Nothing was too much to complete the inheritance in the best way possible for Leonard and Anita.

Pellicer & Heredia not only dealt with the properties and their sale quickly and efficiently but also successfully found a buyer and negotiated the sale of the company to the associate, after considering offers from several investors internationally and raising the value of the shares sold.

This way, our Law Firm gave the couple peace of mind during this difficult time, and a fresh start to continue enjoying their life in Spain. Since then, Leonard and Anita are relocating, and are now looking to invest in a property to rent out so they can move on with their lives.

At Pellicer & Heredia we value our clients’ trust and respect their feedback. We never act against your interests and at all times strive to get the best possible result for you.

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