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Have you bought a house with a mortgage and want to improve the terms and conditions?

Mortgage Expenses that you can Claim

On many occasions, we come across situations where consumers agree to buy a property with mortgage rates and conditions that are not the most favourable. However, they forget that they have the possibility of changing the conditions at any time or to re-negotiate them with other banks that can offer a better financial transaction.

At Pellicer & Heredia we can help you analyse the type of mortgage and conditions you have contracted and offer you the possibility of improving them, regardless of the fact that abusive terms can be challenged through the courts.

What we do?

  • We review and analyse the terms and conditions of your mortgage.
  • We check if there are any ways of improving your conditions according to the current prices offered by the banks, and we assess whether your mortgage has abusive clauses.
  • We compare the various offers provided by different banks according to market prices.
  • Following the review, we put you in contact with the bank that offers the best conditions, allowing you to save money throughout the life of the loan.

With this service we prevent you from overpaying until the end of your mortgage, and minimise the high interest rates you may currently be paying according to the conditions originally agreed with your bank.

If you are interested in having us start the review of your mortgage, please do not hesitate to contact our office.  

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