The acquisition of real estate abroad is an important component in residence and citizenship planning. However, it requires careful and professional attention. Every day, individual clients worldwide rely on the advice and assistance of PELLICER&HEREDIA, Law Firm which is specialized in this area.

Individuals and families can enjoy considerable advantages, asset protection and tax savings by intelligently structuring their international acquisition and holding of real estate. Pellicer&Heredia provides professional advice essential to the purchase, structuring, and sale of real estate in Spain. This involves Spanish national property law, tax law and the highly complex area of International Private Law. These services are particularly relevant to clients who are resident or domiciled in one country, and who would like to acquire real estate in Spain.

Through Pellicer&Heredia, you have access to a unique, worldwide network of specialist lawyers, tax consultants, investment advisors, and other professionals who are experts in their fields. The expertise of these professionals in their relevant fields is combined to provide you with excellent advice and service.

Several important issues must be considered when deciding to acquire a house or apartment in a foreign country. With regard to tax and estate planning, the following issues need to be considered in particular:

  • Real-estate transfer taxes.
  • Annual real estate taxes.
  • Local inheritance and gift taxes.
  • Local inheritance laws and forced heirship rules.
  • Capital gains and other taxes upon the re-sale.
  • Maintaining confidentiality.
  • Immigration restrictions.
  • Personal tax liability and tax residence.
Please note that this information is for general use only. For accurate advice and guidance, we highly recommend you to book an appointment with a lawyer.