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Pellicer & Heredia

Lawyers specialized in International Commerce

Comercio Internacional
  • International Contracts of Sale: International contracts of sale and supply. Drawing up general contract conditions.
  • International Distribution Contracts: Agency, distribution, franchise and intermediation contracts
  • Technology Transfer: Technology transfer agreements and licences (patents, trade marks, know-how).
  • International Computer Contracts: Software, data bases, systems-hardware, consultancy, outsourcing... Internet contracts.
  • Joint-Venture Agreements: International joint-venture and mixed enterprise agreements.
  • Precontractual Agreements: Drawing up letters of intent, memorandums of understanding, non-disclosure agreements.
  • International Electronic Transactions: Legal advice on international.
  • E-procurement (b2b).
  • Processing import/export documentation: Export and import procedures and documentation.
  • Competition Law: European competition law on distribution (vertical agreements).
  • Methods of collection and payment, guarantees: Advice on overseas collection and payment methods, documentary letters of credit, consignment etc. International bank guarantees.
  • Issuing Reports and Legal Opinions: Applicable law, international jurisdiction, lex mercatoria, international agreements, legal framework for investment, international distribution law, comparative law etc.
  • Lawsuits and ADR: Extrajudicial prevention and settlement of disputes. Claims and legal defense by judicial means or arbitration. Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and judgements in Spain (Exequatur). European Enforcement Orders.