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Inheritance lawyers and wills services

We live in the 21st century in a global society with people from different nationalities living in the same territory. Statistically, the Alicante province is the Spanish province with the highest percentage of people born outside Spain and with a 24% foreign population. According to a census, there are over 100 different nationalities.

This situation has enabled us for, more than 20 years, to specialize in international inheritance law. Because of the legal complexities involved in probate procedures under the international inheritance law, it is necessary to seek legal advice of professional experts in this field.

Our service involves highly qualified specialists in international law of succession, who are able to advise on the complex management of inheritance issues, and the distribution of assets at the time and the age that you decide, in any given area of Valencia and throughout Spain. We will help you write your personal LAST WILL & TESTAMENT, both in Spanish and your native language, we will accompany you to the notary, will explain and advise how to arrange your INHERITANCE, or make a DONATION, accept property or assets upon death or whilst alive, find assets and insurances that were not known about, and settle the corresponding taxes in the Valencian Province or any province in Spain.


  • Registering the property in the Property Register.
  • Performing any kind of action that helps manage the last will and testament of the testator or donor.
  • Quickly obtaining death certificates and registered wills, which in Spain is necessary, to clarify whether or not there is a last will registered before the notary and to make the inheritance declaration with or without this document.
  • Searching for unaccounted for insurance policies which were not known about or that there was no evidence that these existed.
  • Obtaining apostilled documents with the Hague Apostille 1961.
  • Managing the certified translation of any documents when necessary.
  • Preparing the declaration of inheritance, before the notary or before the courts.
  • Formalizing the division and distribution of property and all assets amongst the heirs, and mediating between the heirs with extrajudicial matters, proposing appropriate settlement agreements.
  • Drawing up, liquidating and paying the inheritance and wealth tax, capital gains and all other charges.
  • Inscribing the names in the Land Registry for any property and changes of ownership for deposits, securities, stocks, etc.
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