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Experts in Inheritance and Donations

Inheritance lawyers and wills services

From Pellicer & Heredia Lawyers, as specialists in matters of inheritance and successions, we carry out any management and processing, wherever the assets and heirs are located, without the need to travel to Spain. 

We will help you write your last will and testament, both in Spanish and your native language, accompanying you at the Public Notary on the day. We will explain and advise you on acceptance of property or assets upon death or whilst alive, find assets and insurances that were unknown of, and settle the corresponding taxes in the Valencian Autonomous Region or any province in Spain. More specifically, we offer the following services:

  • Management and advice during the probate of your inheritance (notary procedure, registration of assets and rights).
  • Study and prior advice, tax planning involving the donation or inheritance (capital gain).
  • Fair distribution of inheritance:
    • Expert accountants-distributors from the College of Lawyers in Alicante.
    • Division and awarding of the hereditary assets among all rightful heirs.
  • Legal division of the inheritance, partition executed by agreement or testament.
  • Information and advice in the case of inheritance resignation.
  • Patrimonial inquiry and that of possible heirs.
  • Legitimate claims, by voluntary omission or lack of knowledge.
  • International disinheritance.
  • Application of death certificates and last Wills.
  • Sworn translation of documents. We carry out the legal translation of your documents issued abroad, in any language.
  • Drafting and preparation of national or International Wills; acting as executors of your last Will.

Additionally, we advise you on the required inheritance and donation tax management, carrying out a previous estimate for the planning of such. Offering you advice on the regularisation of your fiscal situation, taking into account your personal circumstances, helping you choose between donation and inheritance.

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