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Service of the calculation and settlement of Inheritance Tax

The importance of making a will in Spain and doing IHT planning (Inheritance Tax Planning)

From the experience gained by working for more than 20 years in the legal and real estate sector, we have identified the needs of our Europeans customers, to know the inheritance tax payable by their beneficiaries when they inherit.

This obviously meets a need to plan the economic situation of their heirs beyond the will itself.

The service to calculate inheritance tax has as its main objectives:

  1. To inform the customer and their heirs in order to plan the future economic scenario.
  2. Review and recommend proper estate planning, appropriate to your needs and desires.
  3. Review existing wills in Spain and abroad, and study their compatibility and validity.
  4. Tax planning in the field of inheritance tax and gift tax in Spain both for Spanish residents and non-tax residents.

This service of calculation and settlement of Inheritance Tax will turn supplemented by written report where the information provided by the customer and the calculation in accordance with current tax legislation on the date of preparation of tax calculation is indicated.

With this information and our recommendations our customers can always plan personal matters of vital importance, in order to avoid any undesirable events. With greater involvement in cross-border cases where the application of European regulations and national laws have different results, we always recommend proper international tax planning especially in inheritance matters.

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