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Pellicer & Heredia

Academic Counsels

Alfonso Ortega Gimenez Professor of International law at the University Miguel Hernández in Elche, D. Alfonso Ortega Giménez joins the Academic Council of the professional law office of Pellicer and Heredia Lawyers. Professor Alfonso Ortega, who is very well known in the field of private International law, will collaborate with the lawyers at their offices according to the needs for each individual case and client, and will provide advice in International law which is guaranteed to be of the highest level when his experience and knowledge is required.

The current trend of internationalization and concentration of Spanish businesses as well as the increasing (yet, complex) international private situations has created a clear increase in the national and international clientele of Pellicer and Heredia Lawyers. The Spanish companies have a clear target to expand and to diversify their sales as well as to initiate and consolidate the always complicated internationalization process in different countries and regions. To do that they need more and more sophisticated, complex and specializing juridical services or the need to intensify its juridical resources in the short term.

At present, the individual’s international situations are covered under family rights, - marriage, divorce, adoption, inheritance testaments, etc. hiring, non-contractual responsibility, property, etc, and the protagonists of the XXIst century are not only the legal matters. Trading groups and societies take part actively learning matterson the international trade, as do any people needing specialist advice on international matters, which with the participation of D. Alfonso Ortega Giménez at Pellicer and Heredia Lawyers, demonstrates a clear and excellent resource for any advice on matters derived of international legal matters.